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Many ocelots live under the leafy canopies of South American rain forests, but they also inhabit brushlands and can be found as far north as Texas. These cats can adapt to human habitats and are. The ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) / Felis aequatorialis by Edgar Alexander Mearns in was a skin of an adult female ocelot from Talamanca canton in Costa Rica. Felis pardalis pusaea by Oldfield Thomas in was an ocelot skin and skull from Guayas Province in coastal drhase.info: Mammalia.

Ocelot kittens for sale. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that ocelots are peculiar animals as pets and may not be suitable for everyone! We do not sell them for living in apartments, as well as to families with children and other pets. An ocelot family is made up of an adult female and her young. After breeding, the male and female ocelots go their separate ways. The female is pregnant for a little over two months before she gives birth in a hollow tree, rocky bluff, cave, or secluded thicket to usually one but sometimes up to four kittens.