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Also, be sure to note if the bariatric brief is identified as a tape on or pull up style, depending on your preference. There are more tape on styles available in bariatric sizes because tape-ons allow for a more tailored fit to the body. Bariatric diapers are packaged in smaller quantities due to their size and bulk. Bariatric Briefs Diapers & Pullups. Bariatric diapers are adult-sized diapers that are used for people after bariatric surgery or for those who are morbidly obese and have incontinence of the bladder or bowel. We carry both brief styles (with tabs) and protective underwear (pull on and off) varieties.

Incontinence products are NOT reimbursable by Medicare as evidenced by this Medicare link. Many people prefer the convenience and familiarity of disposable briefs, which pull on and pull off just like your regular underwear. The two other bariatric diapers we offer are made by Prevail, and they come in two sizes, A (sizes inches) and B (up to 94 inches). We also offer the A size as a sample, to see if the fit works for you or your caree. If you’re looking for pull-ups, there are three .

If you need any assistance finding the best size or style for you or your loved one, please contact our customer service team for expert recommendations. Diaper manufacturers typically use the term bariatric to describe sizes of diapers above the standard extra-large. The options in . We carry a full line of caregiver products and supplies for those tasked with eldercare or senior care. Caregivers of the elderly and other assistance providers will find hundreds of items that could be useful at home or in nursing style facilities.