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So, with this in mind, why not give your adult ESL learners a Christmas lesson they'll never forget? This is a great opportunity for students who come from different backgrounds to share things about their culture and learn from others. It’s also a wonderful way to practice all four skills: reading, listening, speaking, and Claudia Pesce. The good news is that Christmas lessons can be both fun and effective for adults, provided you choose activities targeted to their goals with English speaking, listening, vocabulary and cultural understanding. Since I focused on this, my ESL Christmas lessons for adults have been some of the best in Brandon Harville.

To help you learn Christmas vocabulary, this ESL Christmas reading page has a reading passage and some questions about the passage for you to answer. When you read you can learn new vocabulary well as you have time to stop and look up words, so it is important to do this reading exercise to improve your vocabulary knowledge. Hopefully, you can encourage your students to love reading through the use of short stories, and that will further motivate them to learn more English. What to Look For in a Short Story for Adult ESL Students. Selecting short stories for adults is different from finding materials for Sarahlicain.

Christmas trees, lights, and Santa are also big parts of the holiday. In fact, through the years, many other customs and cultures have added to the list of traditions that we now associate with the Christmas holiday. Christmas most likely initially evolved from two much older holidays in the Roman Empire. Free intermediate ESL/EFL lesson plan on Christmas traditions around the world. Study online or download the Christmas lesson plan. Reading: Christmas Traditions Around the World. Mexico: In the nine days before Christmas, children and adults dress up .