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Oct 21,  · The PC Nutrition First product line includes nine dry dog drhase.infogh each appears to be designed for a specific life stage, we were unable to find AAFCO nutritional profile recommendations for these dog foods on the product’s web page.. The following is a / President's Choice Nutrition First Pet Foods for your cat or dog. Discover our line of Nutrition First pet foods for your cat or dog.

Nov 05,  · Look for claims that say “complete and balanced nutrition,” “meets the nutritional requirements of dogs established by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO),” or “complete and balanced nutrition for dogs based on AAFCO feeding trials,” on the packaging of dry, semi-moist, and canned dog food. For your adult dog Author: Mary Kearl. Dog Food. Dog Food Basics: Dry vs. Wet, Diet and Natural Foods Everything you need to know to choose the right food for your dog. How to Read Dog Food Labels Experts explain what you should be looking for when shopping for dog food. Tips for Feeding Your Adult Dog How often, how much? What you need to know to keep your adult dog healthy and fit.

It is a controversial ingredient in dog food, claimed by some manufacturers to be a good source of fibre, and derided by others as an ingredient added to slow down the transition of rancid animal fats and causing stress to kidney and liver in the process.