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I won't rehash my love of all things Shakespeare and the particular love i have for his play Hamlet here (although my reading of the particular young adult novel Ophelia by Lisa Klein did prompt a viewing of all six of my various Hamlet dvds for their sundry interpretations~it is always better to view performances than just to read over the /5. Jan 07,  · Ophelia is a character that is full of such raw human emotion, and that's really what drew me in. However, about two- thirds into the book, the storyline dragged on and was a little unrelated to the original story and somewhat strange. I liked Klein's twist on Ophelia's story, but I felt it should have ended when Ophelia had succeeded in her /5(69).

Jun 27,  · Ophelia, based on Lisa Klein's young adult novel, takes a more foolhardy gamble. "You may think you know my story," says the famed madwoman as she floats with her flowers in a . Abstract. Shakespeare’s Hamlet has in recent years been used by a number of young adult novels to define and authorise representations of gendered adolescent subjectivity. In so doing, these novels attend not only to Shakespeare’s play but also to other adaptations of the play. For example, the long cultural history of Ophelia being used as a template for depicting adolescent femininity as.

With 'Ophelia,' Australian director Claire McCarthy dusts off a corny, overwrought young adult novel by Lisa Klein to re-imagine Hamlet from his mad girlfriend Ophelia's point of drhase.info: Rex Reed. Ophelia's Revenge (), a young adult novel by Rebecca Reisert, is a retelling of Hamlet from Ophelia's point of view. Dating Hamlet (), by Lisa Fiedler, tells a version of Ophelia's story. Agatha Christie's characters refers to Ophelia in the novels After .

Jun 26,  · Played by Daisy Ridley as a young adult, Ophelia is mocked by her peers for not being of noble birth, but her ability to read makes her a close confidant to the drhase.info: Alonso Duralde. Jan 23,  · Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts star in 'Ophelia,' a reshaping of 'Hamlet' in which the prince’s lady love takes center stage. Based on Lisa Klein’s well-received young adult novel Author: Todd Mccarthy.