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April Prom Planning Duties Recruit chaperones. Spread the word to teachers and parents that prom needs adult supervisors Choose a Prom Song. Have students on the committee vote for the official prom song, Send out prom invitations. Ticket purchasers will, of course, receive invites. The keys to organizing a successful prom are careful planning and delegating. There is a lot of work to be done, but with the right team in place you can make all of your prom dreams come true. Let these 30 tips help you throw one epic celebration. Before Prom. 1. Gather your planning committee – One person does not a prom make. This is a.

May 30,  · How to Plan a Senior Citizen Prom. A fin twist however would be to have a station that has some candies from different eras as well. Candies like, bubblegun cigarettes, saltwater taffy, bazooka gum, boston baked beans, bit o honeys, bottle caps, and many others like this can be served for a fun change of pace. Prom Gets Grown Up: How To Do It Adult Style by Roxana Hernandez · April 20, Have you walked into a store lately and noticed the abundance of satin, chiffon and rhinestone embellished dresses?

Find genius promposals, date advice, planning tips, and more to help you plan your perfect prom. Countdown to Prom ! The 36 Throwback Songs That Every DJ at Prom Should Play.