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A retractile testicle is not considered a serious health risk. What causes a retractile testicle? All males have a cremaster muscle (a thin pouch-like muscle in which a testicle rests). When the cremaster muscle contracts (tightens), it pulls the testicle upward toward the body; this is known as the cremasteric reflex. Of the adults with retractile testis, 2 of 7 (%) were normal, 3 of 7 (43%) were oligoasthenozoospermic, and 2 of 7 (28%) were azoospermic. Conclusion(s): Our data support the hypothesis that prepubertal retractile testis showing signs of reduced consistency and size is a risk factor for adult infertility and requires by:

DocSpot: Retractile testicles. Dear Dr Margaret On occasions, my testicles are tending to climb up into my body after sex. Is there something wrong? The testes (testicles) are connected to the inside of the groin by a muscle called the cremaster muscle. (The name cremaster is Greek for ‘suspender’.) This muscle is capable of pulling the. Adult Retractile Testicle yardbird I'm an adult male, 49 years old. Recently I noticed my left testicle has been sitting up against or just below my groin. I can push it back down to the bottom of my scrotum, but it slides right back up again as if on an elastic cord. There's no pain or discomfort involved and it doesn't seem to interfere.

I am 26 years old. Last summer when I was riding a horse about 20 hours a week. I became aware what now I believe to be retractile testicles. This is not a condition a I had before the summer. I have unable to find much information on retractile testicles that is in reference to adults. I .