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Oct 29,  · Young Adults, Relationships, and the Realities of Life This can be compounded if the young adult does not have a strong sense of who they are in the world and what they want in a Author: Contributed by Sherry Gaba, LCSW. Sep 01,  · This study examined the link between parental divorce and marital conflict and young adult romantic relationships, and it tested whether offspring efficacy beliefs and conflict mediate this association. Young adults (N = ) provided data at three time points each separated by 7-week intervals. Results from structural equation modeling demonstrated that (a) parents' marital conflict, Cited by:

Sep 08,  · It is widely believed that the formation and maintenance of intimate, romantic relationships is a major developmental task in young adulthood. Developmental psychologist Erik Erikson described this time as “finding oneself yet losing oneself to another”.Author: Kira Hoffman, Psy.D. Young adulthood is a unique stage of development that accompanies the transition from adolescence to adulthood.1,2 During this time, the vast majority of young men and women move into and out of romantic relationships and are sexually active. However, the nature of these relationships is varied. In

Young adult involvement in sexual behavior typically occurs within a relationship context, but we know little about the ways in which specific features of romantic relationships influence sexual decision-making. Prior work on sexual risk taking focuses attention on health issues rather than Cited by: Romantic Relationship Development in Young Adulthood. Theorists have proposed that the development of early romantic relationships follows a phase-based approach, whereby adolescents begin with fairly short-term, shallow romantic connections primarily occurring in peer groups that develop into multiple shorter relationships that occur less in the group context and are defined more by emotional Cited by:

Abstract. The ability to develop and maintain healthy romantic relationships is a key developmental task in young adulthood. The present study investigated how adolescent interpersonal skills (assertiveness, positive engagement) and family processes (family climate, parenting practices) influence the development of young adult romantic relationship by: 2. How should I respond to my parents' negative feelings about the people I've been dating? I'm a young adult in my early twenties, living in my parents' home. I've had several relationships over the past few years, but my mom and dad haven't thought much of any of them – despite the fact that the individuals involved were serious Christians. I want to honor my parents, but I also need to live.