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Mar 11,  · A new poll of voters aged 18 to 24 has shed light on the issues young people in Britain care about the most. Here are the key areas politicians should focus on to ensure the votes of 1, of the youngest members:Author: I Staff. In all states, you can qualify based on factors including income, some family situations like pregnancy and having young children, and disability. If you have children, they might qualify for coverage under the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) — even if you don't qualify for Medicaid.

Health Care Access and Utilization Among Young Adults: Early Release of Estimates From the National Health Interview Survey 3. Figure 3. Percentages of adults aged 19–25 years with a usual place for health care, a doctor visit in the past 12 months, orCited by: Mar 11,  · Generation self: what do young people really care about? A new survey suggests young people have abandoned the traditional values of the left. But is the truth that they feel less connected to Author: James Ball, Tom Clark.

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) helps young adults in lots of ways. The truth is the new health care law has been in effect for 4 years already and so many young adults have already benefited from the new benefits, rights and protections (it’s a long list, click the link and check it out). Nov 12,  · Why Don't Young People Vote? 11/12/ pm ET Updated Dec 06, Is it really our laziness? Is it the candidates? Maybe they are talking about issues we don't care about or don't know enough about. Are they not using resources to reach us in the correct way? We are somewhat more upbeat than older adults about America's drhase.info: Hanan Esaili.

Oct 20,  · "Young people do care about politics: they just dislike it. Less than a third think that running for office is an honourable thing to do, according to Author: Robert Montenegro.