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List of Cons of Gays in the Military. 1. Special Case in the Armed Forces. Despite the fact that discrimination against lesbians and gay men shouldn’t be sanctioned, there is a special case presented by the Armed Crystal Lombardo. Joining the military can provide you with an amazing education, from high school to college, even to graduate school. Yet to take advantage of the best educational opportunities, you must enlist, a decision that can’t be made lightly. Let's explore more of the pros and cons of joining the military, as it pertains to your educational.

4 Pros And Cons Of Joining the Army That No One Will Tell You February 24, , by Joseph Carey – Although everyone aspires to make a career in the services, it should not be an impulsive decision. Feb 03,  · Opening the Door to Gays in the Military. By The Editors What are the pros and cons of the review period that Mr. Gates and Admiral Mullen described? For example, the policy makes it impossible to gather focus groups of gay active duty military members because, if they identify themselves as gay, they’re out. The policy, therefore.

Jan 23,  · Pros: Diversity and acceptance for all people Cons: Have to overcome the stigma present in the military, have to have separate billeting/facilities for straight males and gay males and straight females and gay females. Have to worry about group dynamic Status: Open. Sep 24,  · 10 Impressive Pros and Cons of Joining the Army. Sep 24, Sep 16, In , the US military is an all-volunteer force of over 2 million men and women. The average number of recruits for a fiscal year is nearly 70, Recent studies also showed that there is an increasing number of recruits who enlisted some years after high Crystal Ayres.

Jan 23,  · experts: variety and popularity for actual everyone Cons: could triumph over the stigma contemporary interior the armed forces, could have separate billeting/centers for at once men and gay men and at once women persons and gay women persons. could difficulty approximately team dynamic in a unit the place various the persons despise Resolved. Born Gay? Learn if sexual orientation is determined at birth. Whether sexual orientation is a trait we are born with (nature) or is caused by the environment we are raised in (nurture) has been debated by scientists, religious leaders, elected officials, and the general public.