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Romance After Seniors, when it comes to sex, use it or lose it, says a noted sex educator. 'You should continue to have good sex for the same reason you should continue to get good exercise Author: Daniel J. Denoon. Jul 14,  · For example, if you're worried about having sex after a heart attack, talk with your doctor about your concerns. If arthritis pain is a problem, try different sexual positions or try using heat to alleviate joint pain before or after sexual activity. Stay positive and focus on ways of being sexual and intimate that work for you and your partner.

What men generally hope for when it comes to sexual health is an enthusiastic libido and a similarly enthusiastic erection (and possibly super-sperm, depending on your procreative goals).. Unfortunately, factors like aging and antidepressant use, among others, can foil your plans for an intimate drhase.info: Katie Lambert. Mar 11,  · Your kindly editors here at Men's Health approached me to write about how life now at over 60 is different from back in my Monty Python days. I Author: Tom Maday.

Oct 07,  · Sex over 60 – what no one will tell you If you're concerned about STIs, you can easily locate your nearest sexual health service and make an appointment to get checked out. Find out more about STIs and the over 50s. Your libido won't be the same – but that's normal persistent erectile dysfunction only affects about 17% of men over Nov 16,  · If you believe the studies, there is a LOT of action going on between the sheets among those over 60 -- and even among those over 70 and A large body of research shows that arousal continues well into old age. Specifically, data from the University of Chicago's National Social Life, Health and Aging Project presented in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that many men and Author: Shelley Emling.

Apr 03,  · "Experiment and see what works, but don't get stuck too early with any one position because over time that will get boring." RELATED: Yoga Enhances Sex and Author: Dennis Thompson Jr. Women over 60 are still feeling sensual and sexy, and we’re more empowered than ever before to explore our feelings and have the kinds of sexual experiences that we want to have. Many of us are dating again after a divorce or widowhood, and many other women over 60 have never stopped dating. But no matter where you are in the relationship game, there are a few things that you need to know Author: Margaret Manning.