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Breakup sorrows? "Liquid courage" and a fling can fix that. Kelly and Liz take bimbo drugs for a break from thinking. Peter tries to help his wife - it works better than expected. Cynthia learns that milking machines can be dangerous. and other exciting erotic at drhase.info! The Expansion Experiment First, the women had begun to show signs of breast expansion. Even tiny Jolene had added a full inch to her bust and Jenn had added two inches. Secondly, when the women were in station four, Gus excitedly tapped Johnson on the shoulder. Jenn was expressing milk - it was a small dribble, but Johnson had not expected.

Peter tries to help his wife - it works better than expected. An explorer comes across a bimbofying goo creature! Jordan should have stuck with staying in prison. Lord Amplevine has been dumped and he wants revenge! and other exciting erotic at drhase.info! E+ CLUB This is a tale about large breasts and mischievous teenagers by Cheyenne Chaste Moon (22/Sep/97) Listen to the story; Eat light How much further could she stretch before the inevitable? (22/Sep/97) Listen to the story; THE EXPANSION OF ELLEN This story deals with enormous breasts - usually naked by "Fuzzy" (22/Sep/97) Listen to the story.

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