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Bupa Cromwell Hospital has an end-to-end pathway for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer The service is led by breast consultants and supported by a dedicated breast care nurse specialist. But some cancer treatments such as radiotherapy need a lot of expensive, specialised equipment, which might not be available in private hospitals. NHS treatment. In the National Health Service, everyone with cancer is treated by a cancer specialist. Your specialist will recommend the best treatment for your condition.

BMI Healthcare is the UK’s largest private hospital group, offering comprehensive Cancer Care throughout the UK. Skip to content BMI Healthcare has updated its cookie policy. The most common second cancer in survivors of breast cancer is another breast cancer. The new cancer can occur in the opposite breast, as well as in the same breast for women who were treated with breast-conserving surgery (such as a lumpectomy).Last Revised: August 21,

Difference With Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment. With stage IV breast cancer, the goal of treatment is to slow the disease’s growth for as long as possible, with the least amount of side effects or pain. As medical therapies improve, experts hope someday to treat this form of cancer like diabetes and other ongoing, "chronic" conditions, which doctors can manage for several years or even decades.