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Mar 20,  · Gallup’s poll of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. found that % of San Franciscans identify as LGBT, which is percentage points higher than the national drhase.info: Naina Bajekal. Mar 20,  · Variation in the percentage who identify as LGBT across the largest metro areas is relatively narrow, with San Francisco's percentage just percentage points higher than the national average of %, and the lowest-ranked metro area -- Birmingham, Alabama -- one point below the national average.

The LGBT population of San Francisco, he said, is traditionally thought to be about 20 percent, with San Jose at 10 percent or drhase.info: Hamed Aleaziz, Steve Rubenstein. Nov 23,  · SAN FRANCISCO SURVEY FINDS 40% OF SINGLE MEN TO BE HOMOSEXUAL. Of San Francisco's population of ,, the survey said, homosexual men total 69, The survey, based on half-hour interviews drawn from computer-selected households, also found that 32 percent of the homosexual men in San Francisco earned more than $30, a year, and 31 percent earned from Author: AP.

San Francisco, Oakland and Hayward, Calif.: The San Francisco area has the biggest proportion of LGBT residents in the country, weighing in at %. It also has some of the nation's strongest local non-discrimination ordinances ensuring equality and fairness in law enforcement and in access to city jobs, benefits and drhase.info: Scott Van Voorhis. The American cities with the highest gay populations are New York City with ,, Los Angeles with ,, Chicago with ,, and San Francisco with 94,, as estimated by the Williams Institute in However, one is much more likely to encounter gay residents in San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Boston as a higher percentage of those cities' residents are gay or.

Jan 30,  · Answers. % or 94, in population. Rank only 4th in the US. Rank City Percentage of City Population GLB Population population rank 1 New York City 6% ,–, [2] 1 2 Los Angeles % , 2 3 Chicago % , 3 4 San Francisco % 94, 4 5 Phoenix % 63, 5 6 Houston % 61, 6 7 San Status: Open. 15 Gayest Cities in America Per Capita in But that is one of the numerous studies that are trying to get the closest to the real figure on the percentage of the gay population in the US. Research conducted by Gallup shows a quite smaller percentage of % of Americans identifying as LGBT.