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The 60th anniversary Chupa Chups collaboration, injected the aspect of pleasure and flavours to the collection. “We wanted to metamorphose the lollipop. Engage with its perception of disposability and turn it into splendor. Casting lollipops in gold & silver. The wrapping inspired us . There are some differences of style here. In 1999 Chupa Chups commissioned a TV commercial laden with sexual innuendo and the tag "oral pleasure." Family-minded Mars helped kill the spot.Author: Richard C. Morais.

Chupa Chups is a brand name, I was trying to explain the meaning for that name. The word for lollipop (no branded) is "piruleta". For a translation, I guess that both lick and suck works. But in Spanish you don't 'suck' a piruleta, you 'lick' them. This is because I Spanish Lick implies your tongue while suck implies a suction. Chupa Chups is a favorite all over the world and when it comes to advertising they are a favorite for me. Check out these 12 creative Chupa Chups ads. Chupa Chups with fizzy powder Advertising School: Miami Ad School Art Directors: Gerrit-John Gerischer, Benny Hoffman Via: newcreatives Chupa Chups with fizzy powder adv. Voir plus.