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The Virgin’s coronation was a popular scene in Florence where artists based their composition upon Giotto’s altarpiece made for the Baroncelli chapel at Santa Croce around This is the central panel of the main tier of a large altarpiece with four rows of images, made for the church of San Pier Maggiore, one of the oldest and most respected churches in Florence. The most important and famous panel painting exposed in the hall is the “ Coronation of the Virgin ” by Jacopo di Cione, which has been restored in The panel was known in Florence as “ Altarpiece of the Mint ”, and was commissioned by the magistrates of the Mint for its seat, located close to Palazzo dei Priori.

Jacopo di Cione was registered with the Florentine Physicians' Guild, to which painters belonged, in and apparently took over the running of the family workshop after Andrea's death. Although the 'Coronation of the Virgin' shows evidence of workshop participation, sections of it demonstrate that Jacopo was inventive both as a story-teller and in his use of novel pigment mixtures and colour . Coronation of the Virgin. Florentine art in the later 14th century was dominated by the work of Andrea di Cione (known as Orcagna), who was active as painter, sculptor and architect from about He was assisted by his brothers, Matteo (a stone-mason), Nardo and Jacopo. Many of Jacopo's works were undertaken in collaboration with.

Nardo was the brother - reputedly the eldest - of Andrea (Orcagna) and Jacopo di Cione. He seems to have shared a workshop with Orcagna. The brothers produced works such as the frescoes in the Strozzi Chapel of Santa Maria Novella of the Last Judgement, Paradise and Hell. Product Name: Jacopo di Cione and workshop - The Coronation of the Virgin - Central Main Tier Panel. Product type: Canvas Prints. Canvas prints are images of your choosing printed on Canvas (sturdy cotton cloth). They can be framed and unframed. Framed.

The Coronation of the Virgin. Miklos Boskovits, Pittura fiorentina alla vigilia del Rinascimento, (Florence, Italy: Edam, ), Richard Offner, A Critical and Historical Corpus of Florentine Painting: A Legacy of Attributions (New York: H. B. J. Maginnis, ), 83, (workshop of Niccolò di Pietro Gerini). Aug 29,  · The Coronation of the Virgin. Nardo di Cione (ca/66) was the brother of Andrea di Cione called Orcagna and Jacopo di Cione with whom he often collaborated. They ran together one of the leading Florentine workshops in the midth century. He executed a number of frescoes, a very few of which have survived in poor conditions.