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Nov 01,  · Glory Hole Mine. Another interesting old mine near the Central City is the Glory Hole Mine. The mine is located on Quartz Hill and was one of the most productive gold mines during the great depression. The mine was established in the s by Dr William Muchow who bought several mine claims on the hill from the original owners to create one. Such a configuration is one of several to which miners apply the term "glory hole". The deepest mine in Europe is the 16th shaft of the uranium mines in Příbram, Czech Republic at 1, meters, second is the anthracite mine Bergwerk Ibbenbüren, at 1, meters. The latter will be closed at the end of

A glory hole is a gold prospector’s dream come true, a find of treasures that boggle the mind and excite the spirit. After twenty years of prospecting for gold in New England, I am used to an average day’s find of a few nice pieces of color and a fraction of an ounce of fine gold.