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Discover Penis Fountain in Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam's Red Light District leaves little to the imagination. Amsterdam» Red Light District» Red Light District Pictures» Penis Fontain. Penis Fontain in Amsterdam Red Light District is not associated with any institution subsidized by the government. | about

May 18,  · Henk de Boer, the artist behind the penis fountain, says he decided on a phallic design from the Dutch expression Jan Lul, used to describe someone who is Author: Renate Van Der Zee. Discover Brouwerij’t IJ in Amsterdam, Netherlands: This bird-loving brewery is situated in an old municipal bathhouse, nestled beside a year-old windmill. Penis Fountain. Amsterdam's Red.

A-maze-ing Laughter, by Yue Minjun, is the Chinese art work referred to by Kim in her comment. Ironically, it is located in Morton Park, one of the world's smallest parks, along the English Bay. Amsterdam» Red Light District» Sex Clubs» Casa Rosso. Casa Rosso in Amsterdam. Casa Rosso is without doubt the most famous and well known of all the Amsterdam sex shows. The club can be easily found due to the large neon pink elephant adorning the front of the building in .

Jun 03,  · You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Please update to get the most out of Flickr. ← →Views: K. Penis Fountain in the Red Light District, Amsterdam, Netherlands. I went to the RLD almost every night that we were in Amsterdam. Much to your surprise, what you may have heard holds true! Here are some facts about the Amsterdam Red-Light District, a location unlike any place else.