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Sexual Health: Action Plan CONTENTS social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or STIs experienced by this part of our community. Intersex people can be same-sex attracted or have transgender experience, as with other members of the community (OII. Join other child-serving professionals to create a plan of action for preventing child sexual abuse of youth in your care. Learn the signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse, mandated reporter and stakeholder responsibilities. Identify strengths and weaknesses of current prevention practices, and develop an action plan for your organization.

02 Community Action Plan to Stop Child Sexual Abuse Summit Report 03 A community response to a community crisis. There are , children living in Kent County in Over 15, of them have been or will be abused by their 18th birthday. If this were . The Community Action Plan will be updated reg-ularly in response to community need and as progress is made in improving student mental health and well-being and reducing substance use. The Community Action Plan will utilize an organized, data-driven strategy that takes a .

2 Executive Summary To Our Community, It is with great pleasure that we present the Health Improvement Organization (HIO) Community Action Plan to improve the health and well-being of Jackson County residents! Promoting Child Well-Being: An Action Planning Guide for Community-Based Initiatives. Promoting Urban Neighborhood Development: An Action Planning Guide for Improving Housing, Jobs, Education, Safety and Health. Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect: An Action Planning Guide for Community .